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Esporta Wash Calgary opened March 1, 2001 in the Max Bell Arena. The Esporta Machine Cleaning System uses soaps and disinfectants that are specifically developed for cleaning sports equipment. The soaps are deep penetrating, low sudsing, bio-degradable and environmentally safe. Each set of hockey or sports equipment is put into its own mesh bag before being loaded into one of eight separate compartments. The cleaning cycle takes 2 hours and is agitation free. Our cleaning system provides a safe and effective method of cleaning sports equipment. If you bring in your equipment by 11:00 am we will have it clean and dry for you the following day by noon.


Esporta cleaned hockey equipment stays odor free for up to 16 weeks when it is hung up and air dried after each use. Cleaning your hockey equipment twice a year will prolong its life and save on replacement costs. Wearing clean equipment reduces rashes and will prevent your hands from smelling after wearing hockey gloves. The assortment of bacteria growing in hockey equipment gives the hockey equipment its distinct aroma.


Serious infections can occur from wearing dirty equipment, especially if you have any open sores or cuts. Several people living in Calgary have required surgery to hands and legs due to serious infection. During flu season it is especially important to have your equipment cleaned.


Esporta Wash Calgary provides a skate sharpening service, sells hockey tape, laces, skate socks, mouth guards, blade tape, grip tape and other accessories. Dry fit shirts are available by order (deposit req.). Contact Terry for team discounts on large orders.  



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